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Regular Sizes

Kids Sizes:

Dog Sizes

Kids sizes should be measured using centimeters. Starting with the thumb, measure the height first then across to best match the set perfect for your little one!

XS: 1.3cmX.9cm, 1.2cmX.7cm, 1.3cmX.9cm, 1.2cmX.8cm, 1.1cmX.7cm

S: 1.4cmX1cm, 1.2cmX.8cm, 1.4cmX.9cm, 1.3cmX.9cm, 1.1cmX.7cm

M: 1.6cmX1cm, 1.4cmX1cm, 1.5cmX1cm, 1.3cmX.9cm, 1.2cmX.8cm

L: 1.7cmX1.2cm, 1.5cmX1cm, 1.6cmX1cm, 1.4cmX.9cm, 1.2cmX.8cm